The best apps to book hotels (in our opinion)

We can no longer do without apps to book hotels on the go : thanks to smartphone apps, finding a hotel room at the last minute while traveling is no longer a problem. Not to mention the convenience from an economic point of view. The most reliable apps allow you to find a holiday hotel through parameters that we can choose according to our needs. They also allow us to avoid offers that turn out to be scams.

On the one hand we have the main OTAs (online travel agencies, real mega digital travel agencies) such as Booking , Expedia , Airbnb; on the other the price comparison sites such as Trivago, Google Hotel Ads, Trip Advisor. There are also apps dedicated to those looking for particularly inexpensive solutions, such as Piratinviaggio and Agoda. Each has its own mobile app.

We have selected the best smartphone apps to use on the go to book hotels. And we have put them in order of preference based on the experiences of the editorial staff of Sportoutdor24.

App to book hotels: Booking
One of the most used apps, if not the most used to search for hotels, rooms, houses, holidays. With Booking you can book accommodation in almost all countries of the world, thanks to the powerful search engine and agreements with hotels to offer affordable prices.
You can search by indicating the city or area of ​​interest, but also by entering a place, or directly the name of the hotel.

Then you have many filters available to decide position, services and other variables. Many structures have the advantage, if you book with Booking, of being able to pay on arrival, of being able to cancel the reservation without penalty,and to have the full refund of the reservation in case of problems. As with other operators, also here are the guest reviews of the structures that provide more info.
Booking is available for both Android and iOS devices