Putting old wrist bands to good use

If you have been to several corporate events or fundraisers, you might have a whole collection of wrist band laying about in your home. However you can only wear these to outings with friends if they actually match with your clothes and the environment where you are going to.

Wristbands are a wonderful way of letting people know about your interest and what actually matters to you. If there is a certain charity or a cause which is close to your heart you can wear wrist bands which would allow people to know that you support these causes.

However wristbands and the uses are just not limited to events. In fact these can be put to other uses as well. Read on to see how you can make use of the wrist bands in your home.

Wristbands can be used as luggage tags

Wrist bands are quite durable. It doesn’t matter which kind of material they are made from they tend to be resistant to wear and tear and are often water resistant.  Also the fact that these are available in a variety of bright colors allow them to be used for different purposes. You can use wristbands as luggage tags. This way you would be able to identify and spot your luggage and prevent it from being stolen.  You can even use the wrist bands and customize them with a specific text like your phone number in case your luggage gets lost.

You can use wristbands to help keep track of children in public places

If you often take your little ones along to the amusement park or the zoo, you know it can be quite difficult to keep track of three or four of them at the same time. It is important that each of those children should be wearing a wristband with their names and your phone number on it. It helps keep track of them but would also allow you to rest assured that they would be able to find you in case they get lost.

Used as animal tags

Since wrist bands are soft and comfortable to wear these can also be used as animal tags. If you own a farm or an animal shelter these can be effective for identifying all the animals whether there been adopted or are pending adoption.

Using wristbands for creative purposes

On the other hand you can even collect all the wristbands and create attractive looking Christmas baubles from them. Hang those onto the Christmas tree or as decorative elements for your next party. Wristbands can also be used to insulate your coffee or tea mugs. you can even make strings out of wrist bands especially the Tyvek wristbands because they come in bright colors. These can be attached to the walls to create a colorful ribbon like effect.

The above mentioned are only a few ways in which you can make use of your old wristbands. It is best to recycle these and put them to good use.